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ON | OFF Presents...

Jack Irving NFTs
London Fashion Week

The first & exclusive look into

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ON|OFF Celebrates 20 Years with Jack Iriving into the Metaverse

With an ever-growing army of fans spanning Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Cheryl and the Spice Girls Tour, Irving has captured the imagination of the premium HiFi Speaker brand Rubyoung, giving Irving the opportunity to create a limited-edition design

to highlight collaboration in celebration of On|Off’s twentieth year.  The design will feature on Selfridges shop floor this coming Autumn.


A series of NFTs will mark the Jack Irving x On|Off x Rubyoung interactive art, sound and tech and will be released during and after the show. 

Irving's NFT dress collection was seen in January via the music video launch of a virtual artist and influencer, Maie. The video depicts Maie in her virtual space, wearing a Jack Irving original, taking direct inspiration from Irving’s bespoke holographic design made for a recent Paris Hilton appearance. The video was created in collaboration with BNV and sold as an NFT. The dress is just a small insight to Irving’s London fashion Week 15 piece collection, created in celebration of London’s creative cultural scene and pivotal emerging platform for young designers at On|Off.


Jack Irving is a production and costume designer based in London.


Jack is a storyteller and fantasist and depicts this throughout his current work, his work is a spectacle of glamour infused with engineered technology.

Jack is most known for his work with Lady Gaga who has worn many of his pieces, the most famous of these is the Sea Urchin Showgirl inflatable dress that she wore on the finale night of her artRAVE: The Artpop Ball World Tour in Paris. 

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