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DeFi がカーボン オフセットと出会うとき

2022 年 5 月 27 日

先月、Folks Finance は Algorand の使命を追求し、ClimateTrade と協力して二酸化炭素排出量を相殺することにしました。
両方のプロジェクトの CEO が、このコラボレーションとその仕組み、将来の展望について語るのをお聞きください. 


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What People Said

This was definitely a special occasion and it certainly made me r realize we'll be seeing a lot more of this in the future. It certainly beats video or live stream based presentations! It might even rival real life events simply because of the freedom of movement in the space and level of interaction and engagement possible with the audience. Unforgettable!

Kevin V.
Blockchain & Web3 Innovation Ambassador

What an experience!

Just taken off my Oculus VR headst from what was a truly immersive moment at one of the world's first metaverse book launches for my new book Energize. 

I had the opportunity to connect with people from Australia, Dubai, Italy, UK, Sweden, Singapore, Spain and more. And all within the same room together. 

Truly excited about the potential within this space going forward.

Simon Alexander Ong
Award Winning Life & Executive Coach

It's always exciting to experiment with new ways to reach audiences. Yes, I did get stuck behind a post plant for a while(!) but it was amazing to be talking about books and ideas in a totally new space!

Lydia Y.
Senior Editor

Had a lot of fun in the metaverse this morning attending the book launch of Simon Alexander Ong through xSpaces! I'm looking forward to more events of this type in the future, with these technologies that allow bringing different minds from all corners of the world in the "same room".

Stella F.
Blockchain BDM & Podcast Host

It was a beautiful setting, my kind of space, in the middle of a forest, together with people from many countries in the "same room". At one point, Simon was standing right in front of me! So thrilled to have the opportunity to experience this.

Wendy K.
Executive & Life Coach

Amazing to watch Simon Alexander Ong's metaverse Energize book launch today. What an inspiration and a snapshot of more metaverse experiences to come in the future.

Danielle B.
Educational Consultant & Integrative Therapist

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