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When DeFi meets Carbon Offset

27 May 2022

Last month, Folks Finance chose to pursue Algorand’s mission and collaborate with ClimateTrade to offset its carbon footprint.
Please tune in to hear the CEOs of both projects talk about this collaboration and how it works, as well as their perspective future plans. 

Don't miss out on your chance to attend and ask Fran and Benedetto directly any questions that you may have! 

SUPPORTED BY: Algorand Foundation, TigerChi, ClimateTrade, Folks Finance and xSpaces

TIME: May 27th 4:30pm - 5:30PM BST 
May 28th 1:30am - 2:30am AEST

PLACE: xSpaces 'Public Spaces' - follow the link to download APP

About ClimateTrade


ClimateTrade is a blockchain-based climate fintech helping companies meet their net-zero commitments by enhancing their carbon offsetting strategy with innovative digital solutions. A pioneer in the development of its blockchain marketplace for climate, the company recently launched an API and Widget to allow companies to offer carbon-neutral products and services to their customers.

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About Folks Finance


The capital markets protocol for borrowing and lending built on the top of the Algorand blockchain. Folks Finance allows users to deposit liquidity to earn an economic return and obtain a loan by providing a collateral. The protocol utilizes the unique features of Algorand to guarantee scalability, low cost of transactions and high level of security.

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