Portrait Exhibition


Create your Personal Display Space

Display artworks/photography in a personalised space or opened to the public.

Share in a space without travel or time limitations.

Easily change the mood by teleporting your gallery to another environment.

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System Features

  • Supports from 5 to 200 users for personal/public gallery display

  • Multiple functionalities - dive inside 360 paintings, interchangeable displays, host functions

  • Supports a variety of resources: 2D images (JPEG) & videos (MP4), PPT, 360 images & videos, 3D models (.glb), live stream

  • Avatar customisation

  • Customise Gallery space to your needs

  • Compatible with VR headsets, Windows 10 PC/laptop, and Android Phone

  • Private and individualised server to protect information, data, and privacy

  • Private and individualised user management system - upload your own resources and see them inside xSpaces!