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An unconventional and unique gallery for the new and upcoming artists, contemporary sculptures, modern curators, and storytellers. Create your own personal virtual gallery today!

xGallery, unifies education, entertainment, and socialising.


It provides the opportunity for art lovers and artists alike to not only enjoy art but also learn about culture and history with like-minded individuals from around the world.


Whether it is for personal enjoyment, business or education, enjoy and explore art without the limitation of travel, space, or time.  ​



Contemp Gallery.png

Experience a unique and unconventional art gallery, 

xGallery, allows you to have the ability to have human-to-human interactions and communicate in real-time whenever, where ever you want.


Grab your friends to view the newest collection for the domestic and international artist or organise a time with prospective collectors inside your personalised space, just like a real-life art gallery. 


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Transform your personal virtual gallery into a space beyond showcasing your work. Host exciting events or have a different kind of meeting from staring at your monitor.


Soon, you will be able to able to curate your own collection and have
e-commerce connected.

Claim your personalised space where you have a say in the creation of the gallery. 


How to visit a virtual art gallery?

Visiting is made easy with cross-platform support on mainstream devices such as iOS, macOS, Win10 and Android.


You can zoom-in for a closer look and get into the details of the piece of work or other information. No need to worry about not being able to view on a smaller screen!


Try out the full VR experience if you have one of our supported VR headsets! 


What's involved

Supports over 200 users for VR conferences, lectures, seminars, and meetings.

Supports 2D images (JPEG), MP4 videos, PPT, 360 images & videos, 3D models (.glb) and live stream.

Avatar and location/scenary customisation

Private and personalised resource and user management system.

Compatible with VR headsets, Windows 10 PC/laptop, and Android Phone.

Secure personalised server for data protection and privacy.

See it for yourself.

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