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Create your Personal Display Space

Unconventional Art Gallery. 


Experience a unique gallery, that celebrates both international and Australian artists and photographers as well as upcoming and established creators.


xSpace provides the opportunity for art lovers and artists alike to not only enjoy art but also learn about culture and history.  Whether it is for personal enjoyment, business or education, enjoy and explore art without the limitation of travel, space or time.  


Enjoy art without the limitation of space and time

What's involved

Supports over 200 users for VR conference, lecture,  seminar and meeting.

Supports 2D images (JPEG), MP4 videos, PPT, 360 images & videos, 3D models (.glb) and live stream.

Compatible with VR headsets, Windows 10 PC/laptop, and Android Phone.

Avatar and location/scenary customisation

Secure personalised server for data protection and privacy.

Private and personalised resource and user management system.

See it for yourself.