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Unlimited possibilities

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Key Features

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Spend less than 1% of your normal costing & save on AV, flights, accommodation, marketing collaterals.

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Available 24/7, you can now talk to clients in real-time and also leave your booth unattended.

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Expand your reach with no geographical restrictions. Invite and connect with target clients around the globe.


Get immediate update and change marketing materials on the go without any delays.

Security first, second and third.

Private individualised server for data protection and privacy.

Management System

Private and personalised resource

and user management system


Personal space. Private experience with our segregation sound fields.

Additional features

Supports over 200 users for VR conference, lecture,  seminar and meeting.

Supports 2D images (JPEG), MP4 videos, PPT, 360 images & videos, 3D models (.glb) and live stream.

Compatible with VR headsets, Windows 10 PC/laptop, and Android Phone.

Avatar and location/scenary customisation