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Metaverse, what does the future look like?

13 May 2022

We have all heard about the Metaverse, it’s probably the hottest word right now after Web3.0.

We have all talked about the Metaverse, whether it’s VR, AR, or gaming. 

So... What does the Metaverse mean to our ever-changing lives and the way we do business?

Come find out as we’re hosting a variety of guests, ranging from gaming experts, builders/developers, and community users.

Ask a question for your chance to be in the metaverse with them face to face, or should we say "avatar to avatar"?

Why should you be there?

We wanted to host a talk about the metaverse in the Metaverse. Hosted on xSpaces, there will be many different voices, each with their own perspective. You will get to meet like-minded enthusiasts of the Metaverse and crypto and those looking to get into the space.


Why even use the Metaverse?

The Metaverse adds another level to interaction and socialisation in the digital space. Users can experience worlds unlike they have seen before while making connections with people across the globe. 


Will I need a VR headset?

Nope. While a VR headset is necessary for the full immersive experience, xSpaces can be downloaded as an app you can use directly from your phone.


xSpaces with TigerChi community 


Algorand Foundation, Reach Platform, and

Tsinghua University Blockchain Association


Cooper Daniels from the Recoop on Youtube and

Algorand Ecosystem


May 13th 2pm - 3PM BST (11pm - 12 am AEST)


xSpaces, please follow the link to download APP

13 May Event.jpg
13 May Event.jpg

Guest Speakers:

13 May Event.jpg

Frank YU, Metaverse/Gaming Expert, Start-ups Advisor

Frank is a gaming and software executive with 20 years product experience working in Asia and the former Soviet Union. His career includes working in Microsoft xbox team as a program manager as well as in investment banks as analyst. He was the COO of Shouji mobile gaming company acquired by Tencent and advised many startups and accelerators in Asian market. Frank is a military veteran and studied cryptography during his time in the service. He holds an MPP from Harvard and a BA from Rutgers.

"Building Metaverses, GameFi and NFTs for the next shift in ownership and tokenized lifestyles."

Chris Swenor, CEO, Reach Platform, Harvard Business School Mentor

Chris Swenor managed technical teams across the globe for over 15 years before leading the blockchain development platform to a $48 million valuation in May of 2021. With multiple exits under his belt, Swenor serves as mentor at Harvard Business School, TechStars, and MassChallenge. Reach has amassed over 6,000 developers as of March, 2022, with many exciting new developments underway.

“The future of blockchain is in Reach.”

13 May Event.jpg
13 May Event.jpg

Brian Seong, President of Tsinghua Blockchain Association, Head of Education at EduDAO

Brian studies Computer Science in Tsinghua University, China. 


Brian is a blockchain enthusiast as well as a serial entrepreneur. Previously working as the Head of Developer Community in China for Polygon, he has been in the space since 2018 and organised numerous blockchain hackathons and conferences in China. Currently he is the President of THUBA, Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association as well as the Head of Education at EduDAO, formed by the world's most prestigious universities and financed by the BitDAO treasury for academic research for next-generation blockchain and Web 3.0 innovations. He is dedicated to bridge the gap between the western Web 3.0 ecosystem with the eastern Web3.0 space.


"All in Crypto."

Manuel Palli, COO of Indelve

Manuel is the COO of Indelve Studios, Creators of Trantorian, a Space-themed 4x NFT game being developed on Algorand. Manuel is a blockchain enthusiast and a lifelong gamer. He has led multidisciplinary teams in various industries and is now leading a NFT game development project. In the mid-2020s, he started to explore the NFT Gaming / Metaverse scene and started to think about all the new possibilities and how blockchain could revolutionise the gaming industry. In his opinion, gaming in the future should make you think "why should anyone pay for an asset that they don’t actually own?" 


“Gaming brings people together.”

13 May Event.jpg

Got questions but can't attend? 

We have your back!

You can submit your questions and we'll ask for you!

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