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Metaverse Lantern Festival FAQs

Got a question? We're here to answer! If you don't see your question here, please drop us a message in our Contact Us page!


1) Will xSpaces be available on major app stores for download and install in the future?

Yes - it will be made available across all major app stores in the future. Currently, it is available for installation via Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Other devices will require download from our download page and manual installation.

2) I have downloaded the app from the Apple App Store several times but it won't install, what do I do?

It may be that your phone is low on storage, which could be preventing the app from installing onto your phone from the App Store. We suggest checking your storage space and clearing some unused apps to free up space and try again.

3) I haven't received my verification code for a long time! 

The difference between the two is the screen size and controls to move around in the festival. Gather your friends and family and choose a suitable device to enjoy the Lantern Festival!

4) What's the difference between using PC/laptop and mobile to access The World's First Metaverse Lantern Festival?

The difference between the two is the screen size and controls to move around in the festival. Gather your friends and family and choose a suitable device to enjoy the Lantern Festival!

5) I can't seem to load and access the Metaverse Lantern Festival, what should I do?

Make sure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi before logging in. If the issue persists after multiple attempts, please log out and restart the xSpaces app. There is a chance that the server may become crowded during the event, we ask for your patience and to try again later on at another time.

6) How do I go to other venues of the Lantern Festival such as the Celebration Hall, Photo Exhibition, Art Gallery, VIP Wine Lounge and Fortune forum & conference center?

Other venues for the Lantern Festival can be accessed by exiting the current channel that you are in and entering the desired channel in the Public Channel.

7) I seem to only be able to move forward, backward, left and right. How do I turn my avatars head so I can have a wider degree of viewing?

On your phone on the bottom right corner, you can slide the icon marked 2 in the screenshot above to adjust your angle. For those on the PC/laptop, simply click and drag the right mouse button to change your viewing angle. You can use the WASD or arrow keys on your keyboard in conjunction with dragging the right mouse key to move around and change your view.


8) How do I choose a different avatar?

Before you enter a room, you will be prompted to choose an avatar that best represents you! There is a limited selection of avatars currently available. To change your avatar, simply press the cross with a circle on the top right corner to head to the previous page and reselect your desired avatar to re-enter.

9) I can see people but can’t seem to hear them after entering, what should I do?

Please check that the device’s volume is turned on and it is turned up to a suitable volume. We recommend putting on earphones/headphones in noisy places. If you still have issues, please log out, exit the app completely and re-enter.

10) Mine or other people’s avatar is stuck loading and isn’t displaying correctly (looks like a paper figure), what do I do?

To ensure smooth running, at certain distances avatars will switch to paper figures and vice versa. We ask for your patience to wait for this to load initially as everyone’s download speed and bandwidth varies. There is a blue loading bar on the head of each loading paper figure. Once it completes loading, you will be able to see the avatar figure.

11) Why can’t I see my avatar after entering the festival?

Upon entering, users are in avatar forms experiencing the festive in a first-person’s perspective. xSpaces currently does not support second- or third-person’s perspective. We encourage you to ask friends and family to take pictures of you inside the metaverse Lantern Festival to capture some delightful memories!

12) I can see some people have hands that they can move, but others don’t. Why’s that? I want to wave at people too!

Users with VR headsets will have 2 hands in xSpaces, this is because they have two controllers with tracking. Currently, PC and mobile devices can only interact through real-time conversations and jumping. In the future, we hope to add more interactive functions for PC and mobile devices!

13) How do I record all the fun inside The World’s First Metaverse Lantern Festival?

How can you miss sharing such an immersive and fun experience with your friends and family? 


To screen record on iPhone, simply capture using Screen Recording function on your phone.

iphone screenrecord.JPG
iphone screenrecord_CN.JPG

To screen record on Windows PC/laptop, simply press the on the keyboard and click the red dot to start screen recording. Alternatively, you can install a compatible software that allows you to screen record.

14) What should I do if I’m suddenly stuck in a particularly spot or can’t move?

When this occurs, simply exit the xSpaces app, log in again and re-enter the space.

15) What if I get lost in the Maze or simply don’t want to play anymore? Is there a way out, or will I be stuck forever?

Join forces with friends, family or strangers from the far lands to tackle the maze and find your way out together! There is a button on the screen where you will be able to exit the maze and teleport into the maze entrance in the chance that you are completely lost or don’t want to play anymore.

16) Does entering a new venue require download everytime? Will this take up a lot of device memory?

The venues in the metaverse Lantern Festival are relatively small in size. Download is required when you initially enter the venues where a small amount of memory will be taken up. No download will be required the next time you enter the venue and it will be much faster.

17) What if my internet drops out whilst the environment is changing and didn’t load in time?

Please ensure a secure internet connection to allow for reconnection. If you are still having troubles, please exit the app and re-login.

18) How can I find out about new users entering the metaverse Lantern Festival immediately?

This function is currently not available.

19) Is there a function that shows how many users are currently inside experiencing the metaverse Lantern Festival?

Upon entering the Lantern Festival Celebration Hall or other venues, you will be able to see the number of people that are already inside. Due to the relatively large scale of the venue and the number of sub-venues, we ask for your patience to locate friends and family inside the event! 

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