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Way To Metaverse

Explore and connect online with friends and clients in 3D spaces!

xSpaces connects people in a 3D virtual shared space that enriches education, training and business needs within the metaverse.

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Easy to use.
Intuitive. Secure.  

A rich metaverse platform where users connect in a shared space, transforming from 2D to 3D spaces into the metaverse for:

  • Remote learning, collaboration, training & more closing the distance gap

  • 360 immersive and real-time interactivity for authentic engagement

  • New opportunities and learning edge into the metaverse


Educators, Business and Creators



Combining traditional education with innovative 3D online learning

  • 2D to 3D learning mediums 

  • Interactive remote learning & engagement

  • Real-time simulation of educational scenarios

  • 2D and 3D learning materials 


Metaverse Trade Show & Forum


Grow your reach & network globally in a unique way!

  • Tailored to your business

  • Instant travel from expo stand to unique spaces

  • AI Customer Service  

  • Open 24/7, all year round

xExhibition booth

Metaverse Art Gallery & Exhibitions 


Built by the Artists.

For the Artists.

●  Digital art space

●  Multiple users & real-time

●  Support AI tour guide

●  Multi-function interactive Artspace


Metaverse Training & Workshop


  • Virtual Factory

  • Simulation training

  • Safe training environment

  • ​Smart meeting rooms

  • Car owner's metaverse home 

Products & Offerings
Image by Sebastian Svenson

Why xSpaces?

Competitive Advantage

  • Personalisation to meet business needs

  • Infrastructure & services to start your metaverse journey

  • Open technology architecture

  • Rich API interface, easy to provide integrated services for enterprises

  • A support team that has extensive cross-industry application experience.

  • Provide rich authentic experience for the education, training, and business industry

  • Versatile and scalable with cross-platform support.

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