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Welcome to xSpaces

Bringing Education, Socilaising and Entertainment to one virtual platform.

Everyone has their own unique way of learning and how they express their thoughts and creativity.  xSpaces virtual reality platform and resources are here to empower all kinds of educators and students to capture knowledge and 'first-hand' experience that were once out of reach. 

Easy to use.
Intuitive. Secure.  

The innovative and intuitive virtual reality platform instantly allows you to have a "face-to-face" interaction with other educators, your students, staff, and like-minded people from around the world.

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Educators, Business and Creators
xSpaces Offerings

Virtual Classroom


  • Collaborative Learning

  • 360° Classroom 

  • 360° Livestream

  • Creativity in process

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Virtual Trade Show


  • Tailored to your business

  • Grow your reach & network

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Arts & Recreations


●  Art Gallery without borders

●  Your space, your creations

●  Celebrating artist worldwide

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Virtual Training Workshops


  • Workshop Tailored for your employees

  • Controlled & Safe environmen

  • Wide range of spaces to suit your training sessions

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